Why Care222?

Why Care222?

Learn why Fortune Magazine called Care222 Far UV-C light a technology that can literally “change the world.”

Conventional disinfecting systems equipped with standard UV lights cannot be used when people are present. Care222 developed something called filtered Far UV-C light, which can be used to continuously disinfect the air and surfaces in a space while people are present. Given the pressing need now to control viruses and bacteria, Care222 is the right technology at the right time. 

The Care222 filtered Far UV-C excimer lamp module was developed by Ushio Inc., a leading provider of light sources, lighting solutions, and optical equipment and systems. Fortune Magazine recently called UV light the “unsung hero in the global fight against COVID-19” and called Ushio a company that will “change the world.” Those are bold statements, but the magazine has recognized that our Care222 technology is the protection we all need right now.  

How did Ushio get to this advanced understanding of UV light? Through a rigorous study of the technology, and many years of collaborative research and development. Traditional UV-C light has been used for nearly 100 years to disinfect places like operating rooms. In some countries it has been used to reduce outbreaks of tuberculosis and measles, and since early 2021, it has been used in the New York City Subway to help control the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.


For more than seven years, Ushio has been working in collaboration with Columbia University in the U.S., and leading universities around the world, to perfect a more practical type of UV light that can effectively neutralize viruses on surfaces and in the air, while being used around people. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, having this technology available is especially important for us.