What is Care222?

The Care222 technology is a brand new kind of ultraviolet (UV) light technology that can inactivate viruses—including the coronavirus—in occupied spaces.
Care222 is a new and one-of-a-kind disinfecting light technology that inactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers, but can be used while people are present. Care222 is not a stand-alone disinfecting system, but is a key component in the very latest UV light disinfecting systems available.

Why Care222?

Learn why Fortune Magazine called Care222 Far UV-C light a technology that can literally "change the world."
Conventional disinfecting systems equipped with standard UV lights cannot be used when people are present. Care222 developed something called filtered Far UV-C light, which can be used to continuously disinfect the air and surfaces in a space while people are present. Given the pressing need now to control viruses and bacteria, Care222 is the right technology at the right time.

Care222 at a Glance

The Care222 technology is effective, and beneficial.
Like a lot of the technology we are around every day, having a basic understanding of how that technology works often helps us feel better about its use. The most important thing to know is that when a disinfecting system powered by the Care222 technology is being used in any public building, it has been put there to bring you and everyone else, a sense of comfort.

The Science Behind Care222

This is where we get to geek out a bit over our science.
Now you don’t have to love science like we do to benefit from Care222 systems, but we do want to share some of the science behind our technology. The best way to do this is to talk about UV light, wavelengths, and the filter that makes our light so remarkable.
Ushio Care222 Spectrum

A Need for Effective UV-C Light

The ultraviolet spectrum is commonly divided into UV-A, with wavelengths from 320 to 400nm; UV-B, from about 280 to 320nm; and UV-C, from about 200 to 290nm.
UV light is part of sunlight, and as you know, overexposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful. Harnessing the power of UV-C light is important because it can be used to disinfect surfaces and neutralize airborne particles containing viruses and bacteria. That’s why we worked so diligently to make a UV light that can be used in real time, at the places that need it most.

What 222 Means and Why It’s Important

The numbers in our name represent 222 nanometers (nm)—the wavelength at which Care222’s Far UV-C emits its light on the UV spectral region.
Conventional germicidal UV light, the kind that is used to disinfect unoccupied spaces like hospital operating rooms, emits at 254nm, and is unsafe for exposure to people. This is the dilemma and the problem that researchers at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center and leading universities around the world were able to help us solve.

Inactivating the Virus That Causes COVID-19

Research has demonstrated that irradiation with filtered 222nm Far UV-C light effectively inactivates SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
Our important breakthrough came with the development of our filter. The Care222 filtered Far UV-C excimer lamp module is equipped with our proprietary optical filter technology that ensures a narrowband 222nm emission. Our filtered 222nm Far UV-C light can be used with people present, while traditional 254nm UV-C light or unfiltered Far UV-C sources cannot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Care222?

The Care222 technology is a new disinfecting Far UV-C light source that inact…

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